Master Bathroom6 photos
This renovation combined a vanity area adjacent the master bedroom and its narrow bathroom to create an open Master Bathroom worthy of the name. An three door room divider made of frosted glass framed with a brushed nickel frame create a modern transition between the master bathroom and bedroom. It is a perfect fit for this space, as the open door it allows the natural light from the interior bathroom window to fill the master bedroom. The theme of the beach was inspired by the Kohler 42" blue soaking tub. The travertine and tan tile complement the walls to give this room a true oasis feel. The travertine counter top of the double vanity and regal framed mirrors incorporate sophistication to a calming color scheme. Last, the retreat of the frameless travertine shower hides around the corner of the entrance. It gleams with the natural light of the window, and its tall glass doors create a steam sauna capable of relaxing even the tightest knots. Special thanks to DC Sliding Doors for the Room Divider, US Glass House for the frameless Shower Doors, and PPL Vanity for stocking the Legion Furniture Vanity.