Kitchen80 photos
We wanted to remodel our kitchen for a while. After moving in 2010, we took on a number of home projects. The catalyst of starting this kitchen renovation was finding a few great deals on appliances. After my wife was tired of those appliances taking up space in the garage, it was finally time to put everything in place. We did a lot of planning beforehand in regards to which cabinets to choose, the layout that would work, the colors that would come together. Getting buy in and a plan going forward was critical to making this project a success. Also planning how the family would eat and live without a kitchen also took some engineering. We are happy to say that we were able to get the kitchen we wanted that satisfies a lot of the challenges we had before. It is still hard to believe it is real and that we were able to execute and achieve the vision that we had. The Kitchen is now 85% to 90% complete. After the back splash, outlet and switch covers, and trim are installed, this project will be complete.